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Where To Watch Curling Any Time You Want

There used to be a time, way back in the dark ages of about a decade ago, when an American curling fan with a TV set but no local club could only watch the Greatest Game on Two Brooms for a couple of weeks every four years. Those days are over! Now curling fans around the world have a variety of options to watch both live curling, recorded games, and highlights:

TSN on ESPN: Most cable subscribers can sign into Watch ESPN or the ESPN app on Roku or Amazon Fire Stick and search for curling. Canadian TSN programming, including the major men's and women's competitions, are televised live and available archived.

Curling Night in America on NBCSN: This international competition runs annually and has received an excellent reception. However, due to COVID-19, there is no programming this season.

World Curling TV on YouTube: Brought to you by the World Curling Federation, World Curling TV has years of complete games, highlights and other curling content.

Tenth End Sports Network: TESN streams live from curling clubs. If you want to get on camera at the club level, this is your shot. 

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