Is there curling in New York City?

Watch a volcano erupt. Get a seat on the 4 train at rush hour. Win a professional basketball championship. 

There are a few things you just can’t do in New York City these days. 

Curling is not one of those things. Like a hawk making its nest on the roof of a luxury condo, our plucky sport finds a way to thrive in a hostile environment.

Currently, there is one curling club operating anywhere in the city: Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club. Playing on semi-exposed arena ice at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside in Prospect Park, the club attracts curlers from across the borough. The Lakeside club was founded in 2013 by suburban curlers to establish a beachhead for the sport. It transitioned to completely local management in 2018 under former club President Charles Donefer, who is a co-founder of Brooklyn Curling Center (BKCC). Currently, local volunteers conduct all club activities.

The club has ice time at Lakeside twice a week, during which it hosts leagues and Try Curling clinics. Lakeside’s leagues have been at capacity for years, and Try Curling spots get snapped up quickly. At over 120 members with little room to grow, the club demonstrates both the appeal of curling when offered in a convenient city location and the limits of using existing facilities.  

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown

Curling was not meant to be played in the fog.

In addition to the club, BKCC and others hold well-attended demonstration events and watch parties around the city in order to increase interest in the sport. We have appeared on several local and national news broadcasts promoting curling.

Brooklyn Curling Center is the proposed hub for curling in New York City. Instead of a stuffed-full league lucky to get a few hours a week in poor conditions, we offer a new future: quality ice, friendly community and excellent food and beverage service under one roof. Curling is growing worldwide, and it’s time for a home right here in the world’s most global city.

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown

Despite occasionally treacherous conditions — like a snow squall — members of Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club are fiercely dedicated to the sport. New league spots are tough to come by.

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