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Happy Canada Day!

Curling and Canada are inextricably linked due to the country's hundreds of thousands of players, the best of whom have consistently excelled in international competitions since their inception. The sport may be Scottish in origin, but curling often takes on a distinctly Canadian flavor.

Canada and New York are also linked. Of course, our state shares a 415 mile (716 km) border with Ontario and Quebec, but the truly impressive number is the number of people who cross it each year. In 2018, 970,000 Canadians, more than the population of Edmonton or Ottawa, visited New York City. They came as tourists, shoppers, and visiting family members. Their patronage of local cultural and entertainment venues represents a massive source of income for the city and its residents.

On Canada Day, we can reflect on two centuries of peace and cooperation between our two nations. We can recount the great US-Canada curling rivalry, like the infamous Curse of LaBonte. Alternatively, we could crack a cold (Canadian) beer, crank some Drake and dig into a big order of poutine. However you celebrate, Happy Canada Day!

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