About Brooklyn Curling Center

The sport of curling is more popular than ever. We’re a handful of curlers who think it’s just wild that New York City doesn’t have a dedicated curling facility. We’re going to fix that by building the Brooklyn Curling Center.

Demand for curling has spiked, despite severely limited access to competitive ice, or even to try the sport.

  • 2nd highest winter Olympic viewership after only becoming an official sport in 1998 (NBC)
  • 70% of curling clubs in the U.S. have growing memberships (Sports Illustrated)
  • 33% of existing curling clubs are actively working to expand (United States Curling Association)

the plan

Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club (with a community of 900+) has proven local interest in the sport, but the club plays outdoors on hockey ice.

We’re building a dedicated curling facility with a world-class playing surface.

BKCC will be a hub not just for great league play, tournaments, corporate events, and first-time curlers, but also a center of neighborhood activity with a buzzworthy bar and restaurant, and a community gathering space.

As we say on the ice — good curling!

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